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Eye Makeup Tips for Asians

There is an old saying that eyes are called the windows of the soul as it can communicate the most to the outer world. Though eyes anyone can express different emotions and it give your face individuality. It is not at all necessary that eyes have to be of a certain size or shape to be considered pretty – each and every eye have their own distinctive beauty.

As there is a difference in the color and texture of the Asian women compare to that of the western women so it is important for the Asian beauties to choose the color and shade according to the texture and color of the skin, eyes and hair so that they can look natural and glamorous at the same time.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips

You must also choose the right eye shadow brush with good quality bristles.
Colors of the Eye Shadow: Try out those colors that you think suitable for you skin complexion. If you are a working lady or going out in the day time try out some natural shades or light eye shadow shades. While for evening you can try out some brighter shades or dark metallic shades depending on the party you are attending.
Coral, orange or light grey shades really look good and complement your skin shade and it also looks up to date and fashionable.
For Asian eyes do remember to apply highlighter under the brow. Try using light shades on the inner half of the lid and a darker shade on the outer half.

  • Light shades cause the eyes look more wider, dark shades will cause the eyes to recede
  • If you have fair complexion then avoid dark shades
  • Carefully use the shimmer – they will bring attention to imperfections and wrinkles.
  • Mostly eye area is the first to show age don’t tug on the skin.

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