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Eye Makeup Tips, Eye Shadow Application

Apply Eye MakeUp

Applying eye makeup takes constant practice to bring out the best in your eyes and in true sense, applying eye make up properly makes a vast difference in your total personality and looks.

For applying eye make up, first apply mascara . Before applying the mascara, you may consider curling your lashes first with a lash corner in order to open up the eyes. To apply mascara place your finger at the mid-lid over the eye and pull it up to hold the lid taut. Hold the wand in horizontal position and sweep on the mascara from the roots going to the ends. Only apply to the lash tips and roll the wand slightly as you start to move.

After applying the mascara, you can now focus on applying the eyebrow pencil. Before starting, you need to sharpen the pencil then lightly scribble it on the back of your hand in order to dull down the sharp portion of the eyebrow pencil.

And when it comes to your eye shadow application, the colors of the eye shadow must be perfectly blended on the lids. Eye shadow colors should be smooth and harmonious looking.

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