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Kate Middletons Bridal Makeup

The whole world is buzzing about the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Just as Princess Diana set a trend for 20 years with her wedding look, Kate is sure to inspire women everywhere with her dress, hair, shoes, and even makeup. If you're planning a wedding soon, you could do worse than to take eye makeup tips from the future Queen of England, with a look inspired by Kate Middleton's Bridal makeup.

It's a safe bet that Kate Middletons bridal makeup will not be cheap, tacky, or overstated. More than likely this modern young lady will opt for something tasteful, elegant, and simple to call attention to her natural beauty, and her focus will be on her lips, cheeks, and eyes. If you're looking for eye makeup tips from the soon-to-be Princess, apply with a light hand and use only products appropriate to your skin tone. Avoid heavy handed applications or colors that are too dark or bright, such at hot pinks and lime greens. Because Kate has shocked the world by opting to do her own makeup, you'll be able to recreate her looks without formal training as a makeup artist.

It is important to keep in mind that Kate Middletons bridal makeup will be slightly heavier than you'll want yours, even though she will be most likely opting for a tasteful and understated look- after all, her wedding will be televised world wide! As such you shouldn't opt for an exact duplicate of Kate's makeup, and rather take eye makeup tips from her by adapting her look to fit your situation. More than likely, Kate will also be using very expensive brands, which is not always an option for today's low-budget bride. Avoid using cheap makeup as much as possible, but there's no reason to spend 200 dollars on a compact if you don't have to. Stick to middle of the road brands that offer both quality and value- you will easily be able to recreate Kate Middletons bridal makeup without recreating her bill.

People are bound to be using Kate Middletons bridal makeup as a bench mark for years to come. If you want to be one of the first to try her do-it-yourself looks, pick up some appropriate shades and get to work!

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