Eye MakeUp Tips - Tips for Beautiful, Gorgeous Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips, Eye Shadow Application

How to Apply Eye Shadow

When you are applying eye shadow, to open up the eye area, use light or pearlised shadows swept up the brow bone itself. So here are some tips for applying eye shadow. If you follow the instruction well then you can make your eyes look much more attractive.

Do not use dark colors in the corner of your eye lids nearest your nose, as it will pull your eye in and make even smaller nose look larger.

If You Have Wide-Set Eyes

Apply a touch of dark shade of eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the top of the nose.

If You Have Deep-Set Eye

Apply a light shade of eye shadow along your upper lash line and beneath the arch of your eyebrows and a touch of a darker shade along the hollow of the upper eyelid.

If You Have Downward-Sloping Eyes

Accentuate your lash line at the middle of your eye. Outline you eyes with eye shadow without going all the way to the corners, and bringing the line upwards for a correcting effect.

If You Have Round Eyes

You have 2 solutions:
1. Create a lengthening effect by extending a line of eyeliner pencil or shadow toward the outer point of your eyes.
2. or you can accentuate the roundness and candid charm of your eyes with makeup that close follows their shape.

Basic Eye Make Up Tips

Eye makeup plays such a vital role in our make up that it can your look abruptly. Sometimes eye makeup tips helps to make your eye makeup a little different than every day. So basic things that you to do eye makeup is Eye liner or ink liner, cream eye shadow or liquid eye shadow, eye shadow primer, eye shadow brushes etc. now the main question arises that how to apply eye makeup, how to apply eye shadow or even how to apply eye liner? Every answer you will find in my article below and in my video also how to apply eye makeup. Applying eye shadow is not at all a difficult task as many thinks. If you follow some simple ways then eye makeup application becomes very easy. If you are going through this article then you will find all this eye makeup tips and tricks below.

Your whole look changes when you just darken or lighten your eye shadow. To make smokey or smoky eye makeup you have to put your eye liner in a little thicker way. If you want to make dramatic eye makeup then you have to apply some darker shades of eye shadow (obviously matching your dress colors). You can also make Egyptian eye makeup, in this case you have to apply your eye liner in a thinner way and it must extend more from your actual eye size. And another eye makeup tricks in case of this Egyptian eye makeup is that use more metallic eye shadow color like golden, silver and light pitch and so on.

I myself prefer creme eye shadow. But it differ from person to person as some like liquid eye shadow, or to make permanent eye makeup some like water proof mascara or water proof eye liner. So choices differ from one to another. But whatever makeup you apply in your eye, don’t for get to remove eye make up before going to bed. Different companies have recently launched eye makeup remover. This is one of the basic skin care tips to be followed.

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