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Eye Makeup Tips, Eye Shadow Application

Eyeliner Tips - Eyeliner Tips Every Woman Should Know

The proper application of eyeliner can do wonders for the eyes and the face. There pencil eyeliners and liquid eyeliners and you could choose whichever fist your mood or preference. Eyeliners are also now available in a variety of shades other than the most common black and brown.

Eyeliner Tips

Basically, eyeliner tips are practical and easy to remember. To apply eyeliner, pull the corner of your eye gently. Draw a straight line on the upper lash starting from the inside corner outwards. Angle the pencil toward your lashes so your hand does not get tired.

The following are some eyeliner tips on how to achieve various looks and eye-shape illusions. If you have close-set eyes, line the outer third of your upper lids with dark tones like black or gray. Use a cotton swab or a sponge to smudge gently. Put liner of a lighter shade to the inner eye to make it look more open.

If you have small eyes and would like to make them look bigger, apply liner thinnest from the corner of your eye, gradually drawing the line heavier as you stroke outwards. Try using light-colored eyeliners for lining the lower lashes. There are eyeliners available in silver, gold, and white.

Eyeliner tips for deep-set eyes advise the application of pale and light colors along the upper lashes. You could also try shimmery colors. Afterwards, apply gray, taupe, and other neutral shades to the lower lash line.

Other eyeliner tips you could try include dusting loose powder or sheer on the surface of your lids so the eyeliner will stick longer. Curl your lashes before applying eyeliner to avoid smudging. Using a small brush, you could try using eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner or as a liner itself. This produces a smoky look.

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