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Eye Makeup Tips, Eye Shadow Application

Applying Eye Make-Up Properly

Every woman needs to know how to properly apply eye make-up. You may think you really know how to do it properly, but learning the techniques of the trade, will increase your beauty, and fashion skills. People will be drawn to you, while you are sporting the perfect application of eye make-up. There are tricks and ways that women need to know, that can help, them enchant themselves, and their outlook.

Now when applying eye shadow, one should know how many colors they are going to be applying. Apply the primary color first, this is the color, you want to stand out the most, then apply it, to the entire eye lid. Next, apply the lighter color above it, and below the brow. The entire area should be covered in one movement.

Eyeliner is the next step, and it is available in both liquid and pencil form. First, you want to apply the eyeliner to the eyelid, and as close to the base of the eyelid as possible. Start at the inside corner, and work your way to the outside. This is difficult for some people, and shorter strokes, is an option, if you are also having difficulty. For a more dramatic look, you can apply the liner to the bottom of the eyelids as well, and do this in the opposite direction as the top.

Mascara is the final step to applying eye make-up, and to make your lashes look their best, use an eye lash curler. A lot of women, have a tendency to pump their applicator brush. This is a big no-no, for, that allows air to get inside the tube, and dries the mascara out. Turning the applicator a few times inside the tube before pulling it out, is a better resolution. Run the brush down the lashes, starting closest to the eye, then away from your face. Apply two coats, and allow to dry before applying anymore, this gives the impression, that your lashes are actually thicker than they really are. Use an eye lash comb on the lashes once you are finished applying the mascara. This will remove any clumps, and separate your lashes, giving them the fuller look.

Now that your eye make-up is completely applied, you will have a fresh, attractive look, that is certain to get you all the attention you deserve.

Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

There are hundreds of thousands of blue-eyed women in the United States and if you are one of them, take not of the following blue eye makeup tips to further bring out the color of your eyes and refresh your whole appearance.

One of the most important blue eye makeup tips is to define the level of your blue eye color. Once it is decided, you could then choose makeup colors and color combinations that would enhance the depth of your eyes' blue shade.

Blue eye makeup tips vary for different shades. If your eyes are dark or sapphire blue, almost any color of eyeshadow, even the dark ones, will work for you. If the shade of your blue eyes is mid-level blue, reserve the dark colors only for lining your eyes and for crease areas. For lighter shades, the most recommended blue eye makeup tips for you would be to avoid darker shadows and choose mid-range tones. Darker colors could be used to line the eyes.

There are some women with blue-gray eyes. The best blue eye makeup tips for them would be to match their eyeshadow with the clothes they are wearing and wear bronze makeup. Bronze or light copper are actually complementary to all shades of blue eyes, especially for women with tanned skin.

For the actual application of makeup, start with a base coat using a creamy concealer, white eyeshadow, or heavy foundation. Blend together three different powder shades with a brush and define the shape of your eyes with an eye liner pencil in smoky or khaki gray or taupe colors. Finish with the smooth application of mascara on your upper and bottom lashes.

Now, with these tips, I believe that you can apply your eye makeup in a much perfect way.

Eye Makeup Tips with Pictures

Looking for eye makeup tips with pictures? Enhancing those peepers can do a lot to boost your beauty so that you feel more confident and good about yourself. The right makeup color to compliment your eye color could do a lot to improve your appearance. It is best to look for eye makeup tips with pictures so you would have a clear visual idea of what needs to be done.

Articles about eye makeup tips with pictures are most likely the ones that are most reliable because readers are able to see the processes step by step and the effects of the given suggestions.

Eyeshadow Colors

Picking the right eyeshadow palettes enhances your assets and your whole face. You are encouraged to experiment and to pick different colors to find out which would suit your taste. The following are some of the most basic things you should consider. For blue eyes, black and blues of a deeper shade than your eyes work best. Combine them with purple, violet, gray, and taupe. Silver, turquoise, and fuchsia also make trendy choices.

For green or hazel eyes, browns and greens will complement you eyes as well as gold, purple, and lime. As could be seen in eye makeup tips with pictures, brown eyes could get the best out of bronze, copper, green, and beige shades. Royal blue, lime green, and hot pink are top choices for young people.

Surf the Internet for more eye makeup tips with pictures on how to further enhance your eyes. Learn about the proper way to apply mascara, line your eyes, shape your eyebrows, and care for your eyes naturally and with other regimen.

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