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Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips

The most desired look that any women want to achieve is the dramatic eyes and are always in the look out for the Dramatic Eye Makeup tips. This type of eye makeup,gives the eyes a more smoky look that express drama and mystery. Eyes like these are always alluring.

For dramatic look, you must apply light shades or shadows just under your brow line. Then, apply a medium shade to the main lids and apply eye liner along your upper lid. Its your discretion if you want to apply eye liner on the lower lids, but be sure enough that the lower line meet the upper line that is seen on the outer corner of your dramatic eyes.

So to have a detailed idea about how to make a dramatic eye makeup see this video.


Raike said...
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John said...

Thanks for the useful tips for Fashion stylist look.

nanda said...

Dramatic is once thing, horrible is another. That girl has beautiful eyes or had until the terrible make up she got! she looks bruised!

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