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Hundreds of women are mortified by the idea of applying eye make-up, and are clueless on how to do so. They want to look their best, but they just simply, don’t know how to. Therefore, I have put together some simple, easy eye makeup ideas, to help women to achieve the best appearance possible.

Now preparing for the eye make-up process is where you want to start. To start out with you will need to apply a thin layer of either foundation or primer, to correct any imperfections you may have, and create a perfect canvas for the application of color.

Now if choosing a color is one of your difficulties, then perhaps this can help you decide. Redheads tend to look better with copper, peach, reddish brown, or cool tones, such as lavender, or pink. Blondes tend to look their best when applying creams and taupe’s. Brunette’s normally look their best when wearing mochas and chocolates. Women with grey hair look gorgeous in grey, soft purples, and blues.

To accomplish complete simplicity, dust the entire eyelid with a dust of one color. Cream eye shadows are normally used for this look, although light to medium tones, tend to look best for this look. Then once the eye shadow is applied, add eye liner and mascara as needed.

Now if you want a more emphasizing look, start with the lightest color first. Dust the light tone over the entire eyelid area, using a medium brush. Next, you’ll want to hold the brush very lightly and go from the lash line to slightly beyond the crease. The brush will naturally lift the face, as you glide up to the brow bone, that’s where you want the color to end.

Following this dust a medium shade in the crease line, using a small brush. Then you’ll want to extend slightly beyond the crease, and up toward the brow bone. This effect will add depth to the eyes, and by going slightly beyond the crease, you will create a contour that is visible, when eyes are wide open.

If you are desiring an even more dramatic look, place a medium to deep tone one the upper lash line, using an angled eye shadow or eye liner brush. You’ll want to keep the line soft, and smudged. For even more drama, brush more of this color under the lower lash line, and apply it with a smudge brush, and in tiny strokes.

If you want to define the eye shape, dust a light to medium tone over the entire eye lid, then at the lash line, apply a darker tone with an eyeliner brush, in order to create a smudged, dramatic line.

Once you have completed the eye make-up process, use a large eye shadow brush and then dust the entire area with loose powder, to help set and blend the colors. One should not be able to see where any of the colors begin or where they end. The idea is to blend the colors together to give off the most elegant look possible. Once these steps are complete, then you may add mascara and eye liner as needed, to give your eyes that head turning look, you deserve.

So I believe that these eye makeup ideas will help you to present yourself more perfectly than before. Different eye makeup tips are available on the net and some are really good to make one look attractive and sexy.

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