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Eye Makeup Tips, Eye Shadow Application

How to Apply Eye Makeup - Best Tips on How to Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly

Nowadays it is necessary that each woman needs to be acquainted with how to apply eye makeup perfectly. The eyes are the crucial point of the face and at all times obtain much attention during chatting as most people like to look straight into your eyes while talking to you. Trust me, having perfect eye makeup can change your entire look and personality, for this reason it is so important to apply it perfectly. Accordingly, what do you require to do to looks as best as it should be? Plain and simple, follow these easy strategies:

How to Apply Eye Makeup - Eye Shadow

Each and every time make sure that you choose in advance the eye shadow colours and shades that you will be applying, as it save many complication and helps to apply your makeup perfectly. Decide the primary colour first, and then make sure that you apply the primary shade to the whole of your eyelid for better effect. Lastly, apply the lighter shade of eye shadow above the primary shade and below your eyebrows.

How to Apply Eye Makeup - Mascara

Applying mascara is extremely vital in knowing how to apply eye makeup perfectly. All the time apply mascara using single stroke from the base to the tip of your eyelashes, never try to do it the other way round. Make sure to apply the mascara twice but don't apply that in excess and try to use it at 2 coats maximum as this will help stay away from becoming lumpy.

How to Apply Eye Makeup - Eyeliner

The most excellent means to apply eyeliner is to apply a thin line on your eyelid bases. This will in fact help to complement the eye shadow and mascara and will complete the entire look for you. The simplest way to apply eyeliner is to commence from the inside corner of your eye to the outside in one stroke. So here you are acquainted with how to apply eye makeup perfectly and now you can have incredible looking eyes anywhere you go. Just Chill and Enjoy!

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