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Eye makeup tips with pictures are way too comprehensive and actually facilitates to try them hands down. It's rather easy to learn how to apply eye makeup properly if a related article is accompanied by step-by-step instructive pictures.

The secret of smart eye makeup is to emphasize the good points and minimize the slight defects, which can be done more effectively if you recognize the shape of your eyes. And this could be done easily with the help of relevant eye makeup tips pictures.

Eye Makeup Tips With Pictures - Deep Set EyesDeep Set Eyes
Deep set eyes can be given more prominence by applying a pale shade of eye shadow over the lid and darker shadow under the brow. Apply lots of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

Eye Makeup Tips With Pictures - Prominent EyesProminent Eyes
Prominent eyes can be made less obvious by applying a dark shade of eye shadow over the entire lid and using a highlighter under the brow. Eyeliner can help minimize the lid and plenty of mascara will emphasize top lashes.

Eye Makeup Tips With Pictures - Wide Set EyesWide Set Eyes
Wide set eyes can be brought closer by accentuating the inner corner, using dark eye shadow between the eyes and the bridge of the nose as well as on the inner half of the eye. Applying a lighter tone to outer half, stopping at the corner of the eye. Increase the thickness of the mascara towards the centre of the eye.

Eye Makeup Tips With Pictures - Close Set EyesClose Set Eyes
Close set eyes can be extended by applying highlighter to the inner half of the eye. Start a darker shade of the eye shadow from the centre of the eye working out and beyond the corner. Increase the application of the mascara at the outer corners of the lashes. Pluck eye brows well between the brows above the nose.

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pickles said...

apply your eyeliner above the root of your eyelashes.next apply your eyeshadow.if you would like your eyeliner darker you may go over it again,b ut don't over do it.then you may/can apply your mascara from the root all the way to the tip.ENJOY

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