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How To Apply Dark or Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

If you are thinking of how to apply dark or Smokey eye makeup then here are some basic Smokey eye makeup tips that can help you a lot. Mostly people think that Smokey eye makeup is far different from dark eye make up. but this conception is not at all correct. More or less Smokey eye makeup and dark eye makeup is same. Firstly you have to well define your eye brow which will add a considerable impact to your eyes and will also help to do Smokey eye makeup.Then apply a light colored shadow on your eye brow bone. It can be metallic color like beige, pearl pink, or it can be white colored shadow. Any pale color you can apply (that should match your dress color) on your eye brow bone. Apply a medium shade on the middle of your eye lid and blend it well with a foam applicator or brush. Now apply a darker shade or dark metallic color staring from one end of your eyes till the middle of your eye lid.and also give a touch of the same color on the corner of lower eyelid.

Now apply eye liner by gently stretching your eye-lid away with your fingers from your eye and draw a fine line with the help of your eyeliner brush along the inner lining of the eye and do the same procedure for your upper lid.

If you have dark lashes then choose black mascara for maximum intensity. This will lengthen, add volume or curl your lashes to a great extent making your eye seductive and intensely attractive.Don't forget to apply eye curler before applying mascara.

So this will help you to do Smokey eye makeup in a little time and will give you a new look for your weekend party.

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