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Eye Makeup Tips, Eye Shadow Application

Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup TipsHere are some Eye Makeup Tips to enhance your natural eye shape and even disguise problems that are visible.If you want to make the best of your eye shape and want your eyes to look bigger (or smaller) or if you are wandering which mascara suits your lashes please read on this blog which is exclusively on eye make up tips.

To look more attractive its necessary that we do Eye Makeup.

In case you have wide eyes - then just apply dark or deep shade of eye shadow from the inner side of the eyes towards the nose. This plays a vital role in case of eye makeup that how you will apply the brush that is from outside the eye area towards the nose. Remember it always when you have the brush in your hand.

Now say you have deep eyes then apply a light shade of eye shadow on your upper lash lined and under the arch of your eyebrows with a touch of a dark shade along the hollow of your upper eyelids.

If you have round eyes - then apply shadow towards the otter side of your eyes or just put eye shadow according to the shape of your eyes then also you will look as good and warm as you want to.

If you have downward - sloping eyes then emphasize your lash line at the middle of your upper eyes. then outline your eyes with eye shadow without going all the way to corner s, and bringing the line upwards for a correcting effect.

To make your eye shadow last even longer, apply a small amount of concealer and then translucent powder to the eyelid before applying eye shadow.

You can use a brush to apply eye shadow for a soft effect and a sponge applicator for intense and warm look. it will also change your look abruptly and will give you a professional look. You can also apply this technique in the day time by applying a little light eye shadow.

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